Sensa Scientific | ChemStar 5.3 cfm PTFE Oil-Free Deep Vacuum Diaphragm Pump
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ChemStar 5.3 cfm PTFE Oil-Free Deep Vacuum Diaphragm Pump


The new ChemStar Dry series is Welch’s revolutionary new dry vacuum solution for demanding deep vacuum chemical process needs. This automated system easily handles your most challenging vacuum applications while saving both time and expense. ChemStar Dry’s integrated multistage pumping mechanism is software driven and fully chemical resistant. They are all PTFE/Kalrez, oil-Free, portable, and full chemical-resistant pump with deep vacuum capacity, they can eliminate cold-trapping, messy oil maintenance, and the threat of oil contamination to your sample. Handle even high chemical vapor loads for simple, efficient deep vacuum. ChemStar Dry excels where no dry vacuum pump has before – the first practical alternative to oil-seal rotary vane pumps.These pumps are made in the USA with one year warranty and technical support from Welch Vacuum.
ChemStar Dry automates high performance vapor flow (to 150L/min) at working vacuum levels (0.08 to 10 torr). Chemical resistant, max. vacuum is 0.05 torr. Smart system control coordinates vacuum blower / PTFE diaphragm pump operation to respond to any vapor load quickly and efficiently. Self-cleaning air purges remove condensable vapors between runs for repeatable top performance and extended diaphragm life. These pumps give you less maintenance and no more frequent and costly oil change, or cross contamination.
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Pump corrosive gases and vapors
Freeze dryers up to 6 liters
Oil-free, no cold trap needed
Full chemical resistant, vapor load optimization, self-cleaning
Compact, efficient, plug and play
Very low maintenance
Vauum ovens, rotary evaporators, glass reactors, centrifugal concentrators, Schlenk line drying manifolds, and many other deep vacuum applications



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