Sensa Scientific | TVO-5 Vacuum Oven, 4.6 Cu Ft
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TVO-5 Vacuum Oven, 4.6 Cu Ft


Cascade Botanical ovens are professional tools that deliver professional results. Build quality, smart technology and stable temperatures mean clean, quality extracts and unparalleled consistency, run after run. Made in the USA, One year warranty.

Important Features

State-of-the-Art Temperature Control – A proprietary temperature controller allows precise adjustments with little to no temperature overshoot. Combined with a reference thermocouple that maintains contact with the shelves, Cascade Botanical ovens provide even, stable temperatures throughout the entire oven, making every inch of shelf space usable.

Uniform Heating – Evenly spaced heaters on both the oven sides and bottom of the oven, combined with solid aluminum shelves, maximizes heat distribution.

Safety Certified – Cascade Botanical vacuum ovens are the first in the industry to carry a safety certification from a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) on the entire line of ovens at no additional cost to the customer.

Quarter-Turn Swagelock Valves – Vent and vacuum valves go from fully open to fully closed in just a quarter turn and allow precision micro-adjustments.

Digital Vacuum Gauge – A digital vacuum gauge is now standard on all models.

Solid Construction – All Cascade Botanical ovens are built with the highest-quality materials and assembled by hand with pride in Oregon. Tired of replacing your ovens every few months? Give us a call and level up!

LED Lights Included – Factory-installed LED lighting lets you keep an eye on your product throughout all stages of a purge.

Easy Setup – Cascade Botanical ovens are delivered clean and ready to use. No calibration or burn-in process is required. Setup and operation are easy. Check out our video page for more information.



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