Sensa Scientific | V-100 0.9 cfm Chemical-Resistant Pump w/ Vacuum Controller
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V-100 0.9 cfm Chemical-Resistant Pump w/ Vacuum Controller


The Buchi V-100 is an economical and highly chemical-resistant diaphragm pump with a space saving design. It covers essential needs in vacuum generation. On/off regulated by the Buchi interface I-100, it is optimally suited to work with Rotavapor R-100. The ready to use pump will be delivered with a silencer and 6.5 feet of vacuum tubing. These rotavapor systems are made in Switzerland with two-year warranty directly from Buchi Corporation.
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Features of the I-100 Vacuum Controller

Designed for essential applications
Automatic On/Off function
Adjusts and keeps pressure stable within hysteresis
Simultaneous display of set and actual pressure values
Pressure settings and aeration is managed with buttons
Automatic overpressure prevention
Absolute pressure gauge and sensor made from aluminum oxide
Features of the V-100 Diaphragm Vacuum Pump


Effective vacuum source for limited budgets
Totally oil free operation, low maintenance
Small footprint saves valuable laboratory space
Useable for multiple applications: Evaporation, drying and concentration, suction straining and filtration

Light weight and compact design with integrated carrying handle
High up time due to low maintenance
Accurate vacuum regulation thanks to optional interface
Delivered with a silencer

Highly chemical resistant thanks to use of quality materials
Robust construction, but a light weight and compact design with integrated carrying handle
Eccentric module lets the PTFE diaphragm move strictly axial, which increases durability
Maximum longevity due to:
Robust and stable design
Integrated ECO2 mode automatically activated after 1 hour, reducing capacity and stress on the pump, extending its life



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